Nanotechnologies in building materials




nanotechnology, nanomaterials, concrete, cement


Nanotechnologies are capable of giving great possibilities in improving mostly thermodynamical and mechanical properties of civil engineering materials, primarily concrete constructions. Nano-materials improve sustainability, durability and some other properties, such as the possibility of self-cleaning. The scientific research on nanostructures is on a permanent boosting, providing new cognition on the potential of their application in civil engineering, which opens many possibilities in improving characteristics and reducing costs in the production and installation of materials. This paper will give a review of a general definition of nanotechnologies, their characterization and nano-additives which are today most significant in improving civil engineering (concrete) materials.



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S. M. Vučenović and J. P. Šetrajčić, “Nanotechnologies in building materials”, AGG+, vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 040-046, Dec. 2018.