Trial Accommodation as a Phase in the Adoption Process // Probni smeštaj kao faza u procesu zasnivanja usvojenja


  • Bogdana Stjepanović master pravnik, student doktorskih studija, Pravni fakultet, Univerzitet u Beogradu, istraživač-pripravnik, Institut za uporedno pravo, Beograd



Trial accommodation is one of the stages that precede the establishment of the adoption. The purpose of determining trial accommodation is to determine the special adoptive capacity of the adopter and the adoptee. In the family law of the Republic of Serbia, trial accommodation is in principle a mandatory phase in the process of establishing the adoption. It is generally mandatory because it does not exist when foreign citizens appear as adopters. Internationally, there is no agreement on whether trial accommodation is a necessary phase in the process of establishing the adoption. The paper analyses the regulation of trial accommodation in the Family Law of the Republic of Serbia, with special attention to the provision by which foreign citizens are released from this part of the procedure of adoption and consideration. Attention is also paid to the legal solution in the Republika of Srpska.