Protection Measures Against Domestic Violence in the Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia


  • Miodrag Simović Vice-president of the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Full professor at the Faculty of Law of University of Bihać and Full member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Marina Simović Secretary of Ombudsman for Children of Republika Srpska, Associate professor at the Faculty of Law at “Apeiron” University Banja Luka, Republika Srpska



With the aim of eliminating the harmful consequences of domestic violence, i.e. its prevention, and thus effective suppression, in addition to criminal or misdemeanor sanctions, the society has at its disposal various measures of special preventive nature, often called protection measures (measures to protect against violence). In Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in other countries in the region, the provisions of family legislation should also contribute to the suppression of various forms or manifestations of domestic violence. To this end, several special laws of preventive nature have been adopted, which have been named as laws on the prevention of domestic violence.