Execution of Prison Sentences in the Republic of Srpska

principles of execution and institutions where prison sentences are carried out


  • Ljubinko Mitrović Redovni profesor, Ombudsmen za ljudska prava Bosne i Hercegovine
  • Pero Dunjić Pomoćnik ministra pravde u Vladi Republike Srpske




The Criminal Code of the Republic of Srpska prescribes the general purpose of all criminal sanctions and the purpose of punishment. In order for the purpose of punishment to be realized in each specific case, it is necessary that the imposed punishment, especially the prison sentence, be carried out in the manner, according to the procedure and under the conditions determined by the regulations of the executive criminal law (this is a significant number of regulations of the legal and by-law character). The purpose of the execution of criminal and misdemeanor sanctions, according to the provisions of paragraph 1 of article 3 of the Law, is the implementation of final and enforceable court decisions, the protection of society from the commission of criminal offenses and the separation of perpetrators of criminal offenses from the social environment in order to re-educate them, treat them and prepare them for life in freedom, in in accordance with the law and social norms. The execution of criminal sanctions fulfills the general and individual purpose of prescribing and imposing them in order to successfully reintegrate the convicted into society, and this purpose is determined in the provision of paragraph 3 of Article 41 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Srpska (general purpose of all criminal sanctions) and in the provision of Article 43 (purpose of punishment). This paper, based on the positive executive legislation of the Republic of Srpska, talks about the principles of enforcement of perhaps the most important of all criminal sanctions, i.e., certainly the most important punishments today, i.e. prison sentences. In the second part of the paper, the legislative framework is given, which regulates the system of institutions where prison sentences are carried out, as well as other sentences of deprivation of liberty in the Republic of Srpska. And at the end of this work, a particularly important research was presented that provides the reader with statistical data on the movement, i.e. the number of persons who were in penal and correctional institutions of the Republic of Srpska serving prison sentences, detention measures, juvenile prison sentences, educational measures of referral to educational institutions - correctional facility and prison sentences imposed in misdemeanor proceedings, and for the last few years.