Computer Control Systems With Critical Safety Applications: Problems And Some Solutions


  • Hristo Hristov University of Transport, Sofia
  • Mariya Hristova University of Transport, Sofia



Safety Critical Systems (SCS) are defined as systems controlling critical technological processes, on the proper functioning of which depends human safety. The taxonomy of concepts related to SCS is presented as a dendritic classification scheme. The emphasis is on hierarchical relationships between concepts. After studying global scientific literature, international standards and corporate materials, a classification of the scientific issues accompanying the creation of new SCSs was made.
Regarding a part of the broached issues, technical solutions are suggested based on the structural system of the system. In particular, methods and means have been developed to detect and tolerate failures and errors in building the structure and to reduce their adverse impact on the functionality and safety of the systems.
Formal models have been developed, concerning which calculations and studies have been performed. Quantitative dependencies are established between the technical and probability parameters of diversity structure on the one hand and the reliability and safety of the system on the other. Conclusions are drawn as regards the practical application of the methods and models.