Implementation of Fog computing in IoT-based healthcare system


  • Mirjana Maksimović Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of East Sarajevo



Nowhere do the technology advancements bring improvements than in the healthcare sector, constantly creating new healthcare applications and systems which completely revolutionize the healthcare domain. The appearance of Internet of Things (IoT) based healthcare systems has immensely improved quality and delivery of care, and significantly reduced the costs. At the same time, these systems generate the enormous amount of health-associated data which has to be properly gathered, analyzed and shared. The smart devices, as the components of IoT-driven healthcare systems, are not able to deal with IoT-produced data, neither data posting to the Cloud is the appropriate solution. To overcome smart devices’ and Cloud’s limitations the new paradigm, known as Fog computing, has appeared, where an additional layer processes the data and sends the results to the Cloud. Despite numerous benefits Fog computing brings into IoT-based environments, the privacy and security issues remain the main challenge for its implementation. The reasons for integrating the IoT-based healthcare system and Fog computing, benefits and challenges, as well as the proposition of simple low-cost system are presented in this paper.