Psychological Connection between Colors and Certain Characteristic Terms


  • Nedim Smailović Pan-European University APEIRON, Banja Luka



This paper presents results of a research on psychological connection between 40 offered colors and 91 terms from everyday life. Similar researches have been conducted and published in a number of instances in domestic and foreign bibliography, but this research has certain particularities that are not often present in other articles. For one thing, colors whose associativity with certain terms is being analyzed are shown in a table, their name and code in the RGB system of color marking are provided. Colors were not merely described, e.g. blue, green, yellow, etc., as it may be confusing or lead to misinterpretation of answers since there are many degrees of blue color, for example. In the second part of the poll, the subjects answered the Ishihara test, in order to check the ability to correctly interpret the colors. The third specific is triple visual interpretation of received results using colored graphs.