A Case Study on Introducing E-learning into Seafarers’ Education


  • Sanja Bauk Faculty of Maritime Studies, University of Montenegro
  • Michael Kopp Academy for New Media and Knowledge Transfer, University of Graz
  • Zoran Avramović Faculty of Traffic and Transportation Engineering, University of Belgrade




Abstract: This paper considers beginning steps in introducing e-learning into seafarers’ education, as additional mode of acquiring knowledge at the Faculty of Maritime Studies which is a part of the University of Montenegro. Related activities are the result of the enthusiasm of few professors and they are partly supported by a small, initial project of bilateral scientific and technological cooperation between Austria and Montenegro. The paper is conceived in a way that it considers following issues: (a) a brief discussion of some current shortages in maritime education and training in general; (b) possibilities of getting advantages through introducing e-learning into this respectable field of education; (c) some advantages and disadvantages of Moodle which has been used as a technological platform for introducing e-learning in the analyzed case; (d) results of the surveys conducted among involved students, teachers, and professionals in the field of employing new media techniques into the knowledge transfer, and (e) some conclusion remarks regarding possibilities of optimal combining maritime and virtual education.