Accelerated Process of Digital Transformation - The Impact and Consequences of Covid-19


  • Mihajlo Travar Energy Regulatory Commission Republic of Srpska
  • Igor Dugonjić Pan-European University “Apeiron”, Banja Luka
  • Saša Ristić Deloitte d.o.o., BiH


Due to the current pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus, the world is changing rapidly along with digital technologies that transform every aspect of life, society and the economy. To prevent a complete collapse and suspension of all business processes, companies were forced to organize remote work, i.e. workers perform their daily work activities from their homes. The situation in which the world is currently in clearly indicates that digital transformation is something that should be a priority. Digital transformation is changing the way of doing and developing the business, new opportunities for economic progress in the public and private sectors. It allows companies to survive and focus on innovation, increasing their competitiveness. We can say with certainty that digital transformation means much more than complete integration of digital technologies. It also means digitalization and business processes and models automation, marketing, sales, digital purchase, Big Data, and related processes, and is based on five different areas, which include customers, competition, value, innovation and data.