Linear Wireless Sensor Networks as the Physical Layer of Smart Street Parking Systems


  • Goran Popovic International University Travnik
  • Almir Ahmetspahic University of Travnik, Travnik
  • Goran Djukanovic Pan-European University APEIRON Banjaluka



Wireless sensor networks (WSN) represent a set of different technologies that, in cooperation with each other, form the basis for the realization of the physical layer of the concept of smart cities. Miniaturization of sensor devices and decreasing energy consumption, both for data processing and for mutual communication, as well as simple implementation and low cost, make WSN indispensable for a large number of different applications. Many of the applications imply a linear infrastructure that is subject to monitoring, and as such requires a linear deployment of sensor nodes. This form of WSN represents a special class of networks that we call Linear Wireless Sensor Networks LWSN. In this paper, we will describe the characteristics of these networks, the problems that are specific, as well as possible applications, and we will pay special attention to the application of LWSN in smart street parking lots.