About the Journal

Aim and Scope

Quality of Life publishes original research papers and reviews and aims to provide a forum for the rapid dissemination of significant novel research in the various disciplines encompassing the Science and technology of food, Public health engineering, Sanitary inspection and control, Environmental and public health. Topics covered by the journal include:

  • Dietetics; Nutrition principles applied to foods
  • Food Technology; Production and preservation of foodstuffs; Food preservation technique
  • Industrial microbiology; Science and technique of applied microbiology; Applied mycology
  • Public Health, environment and hygiene
  • Hygiene of air, water, soil; Pollution and its control
  • Water; Sanitation; Water treatment
  • Sewage; Treatment, disposal, utilization of sewage
  • Urban hygiene; Wastes; Refuse; Rubbish; Garbage; Collection and disposal of town wastes
  • Measures against industrial and other nuisances
  • Occupational health hazards; Occupational health and hygiene
  • Ecology; Environmental engineering, sustainability and health
  • Related topics