Cultural Dimension of Sustainable Development as a Presumtion of Local Communities Development


  • Vesna Miltojević University of Niš, Faculty of Occupational Safety in Niš
  • Ivana Ilić-Krstić



The term “sustainable” can be found in both science and practice. As a global concept of development, it was accepted at the Conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992 in order to overcome and find a possible way of dealing with problems connected to the development of contemporary civilization. Three dimensions of sustainable development are usually mentioned: economic, social and ecological. The paper points out the significance of the fourth dimension – cultural dimension, which is not only  significant for reaching development in the real sense of the world, but it also represents the basis for the development of local communities. The cultural dimension respects the particularities of local communities and emphasizes the maintenance of the cultural and national variety which is of special significance for multicultural societies.