How Does Circuit Plank Exercise Affect Arm Muscle Strength and Archery Accuracy


  • Betrix Yachsie Indonesian traditional medicine, sports and health department, Vocational Faculty, Yogyakarta State University



Circuit plank training is expected to improve archery accuracy supported by the dominant component in archery. This research was an experiment using a one-group pretest-postest design that provided circuit plank training activities in as many as 18 meetings and was carried out three times a week. The study populations were 22 athletes in Yogyakarta, which were then filtered again to take 12 athletes as the study sample using purposive sampling techniques with the criteria of male athletes aged 16-18 years. The instrument of this study included the holding bow digit test and archery distance of 40 meters. The analytical techniques used were normality, homogeneity, and hypothesis tests. The hypothesis testing used a T-test, a statistical analysis technique that can be used to determine whether there is a significant difference between the two mean samples. The analysis of the arm muscle strength data resulted in a t-count value of (41,894) > t table (1.80) and a p-value of (0.000) < 0.05. Meanwhile, the archery accuracy analysis obtained a t-count value of (34,019) > t-table (1.80), and a p-value of (0.000) < 0.05. The results of the two t-tests showed that the t-count value > t-table showed an increase after being given treatment. There was an increase in the strength and accuracy of archery athletes after having circuit plank training and increased endurance component of the arm muscles.