Differences in the Exertion of Force Produced on a Surface of the Dominant and Non-Dominant Leg in Basketball Players of Different Competition Levels


  • Adi Palić Faculty of theaching University „Dzemal Bijedić“ Mostar
  • Nijaz Skender Faculty of Pedagogy University of Bihać
  • Ademović Adnan Faculty of theaching University „Dzemal Bijedić“ Mostar
  • Iner Alić Mixed High School Konjic




Basketball players, Single leg jump


Basketball as a sports activity has evolved over its long history from an alternative game to a highly selective sport in which success is reserved exclusively for the most talented and capable individuals. The aim of the research was to examine the differences in the exertion of force produced on a surface for the dominant and non-dominant leg in basketball players of different levels of competition. The research was conducted on a sample of 33 subjects of senior age from three levels of basketball competition in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH). Exertion of the force exercised during the jump on a surface was obtained using the Gyko System and Opto Jump. The “Single leg jump” test procedure was used. It is concluded that 30-50% of the variables have a statistically significant difference, which partially indicates the existence of statistically significant differences in the exertion of force in the dominant and non-dominant leg. The biggest difference in the dominant and non-dominant leg was detected in subjects of the A1 League (3 out of 6 variables). The smallest difference was detected in the subjects of the A2 League (no statistically significant difference was detected in any variable). Subjects in the Premier League showed a difference in 2 of 6 variables (flight time and jump height). The results obtained indicate that regular practice with both legs, both in the game and in training, will help players become balanced and efficient in all aspects of the game. Based on these results, it is possible to construct test batteries that will provide quality information necessary for planning and programming in basketball.