Attitude of Taekwondo Coaches Towards Coaching Work and Pedagogical Competence


  • Jovana Njegovan JU Elementary School “Branko Ćopić”, Prnjavor
  • Draženko Jorgić University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Philosophy, Banja Luka



pedagogical ability, coaching qualification, beliefs of sports pedagogues


The goal of this research was to examine the deeper meaning of the answers of taekwondo coaches about coaching work and pedagogical competence. The research sample was represented by 10 coaches of the Taekwondo Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. For this purpose, a qualitative research, in-depth interview technique, was carried out. In accordance with the specific research questions and qualitative coding methods, four areas and 11 categories with corresponding dimensions were separated in the final version of the code tree. Separated areas are attitude towards sportsmen who experience defeat, praise to sportsmen, forms of sportsmen’s motivation and coach’s attitude towards sportsmen with regard to the age and gender of sportsmen. Based on the responses of taekwondo coaches, it was found out that most coaches are dedicated to coaching work and that they recognize the importance of developing pedagogical competencies in coaching work.