Odnos posturalnog statusa stopala i eksplozivne snage nogu adolescenata / Relation Between the Postural Feet Status and Explosive Strength of Lower Extremities in Adolescents


  • Branka Protić-Gava Fakultet sporta i fizičkog vaspitanja, Univerzitet u Novom Sadu
  • Tijana Šćepanović Fakultet sporta i fizičkog vaspitanja, Univerzitet u Novom Sadu
  • Milan Kojić Školica sporta “Pokret za okret”, Novi Beograd




The aim of this study was to determine the differences in the manifestation of explosive strength of legs and pelvis girdle regarding the degree of drooping medial arch of the feet and also according to gender differences. The research covered 90 respondents (45 males and 45 females), from the Secondary School Economics in Novi Sad, aged 15 ± 0.5. The status of the foot arch was determined by using the clinical method, and the explosive strength by motoric tests of standing long jump and triple jump. For identifying the differences, One-Factor Analysis of Variance was used, χ2 - test and Student t - test for independent samples, at the final degree of p≤0.00. Statistically significant differences were identified between the respondents with good and extremely poor foot status (p≤0.00) and the respondents with poor foot status (p≤0.000). Also, when it comes to gender, there were statistically significant differences in foot arch status and both motor tests (χ2=9.867; p≤0.007).