Promjene funkcionalnih sposobnosti žena pod uticajem rekreativnog plivanja / Changes in Functional Abilities of Women Under the Influence of Recreational Swimming


  • Radomir Zrnić Fakultet fizičkog vaspitanja i sporta Univerziteta u Banjoj Luci
  • Velibor Srdić Fakultet sportskih nauka Apeiron Banjaluka
  • Milan Nešić Fakultet za sport i turizam, Novi Sad



The research was aimed at determining the changes in functional abilities of women under the influence of recreational swimming. The sampled population consisted of healthy women, aged 35 to 45, chronologically, with a dominant sedentary lifestyle. The assessment of functional ability was tested using the following variables: vital capacity, heart rate at rest, working heart rate, systolic blood pressure, diastolic blood pressure and relative oxygen consumption. Basic parameters of descriptive statistics were calculated for all the results, whereas the T-test was applied to determine the difference between the initial and final measurement. The results of the research showed that there were statistically significant changes of vital capacity after three months of recreational swimming (p = 0.000), heart rate at rest (p = 0.000) and relative oxygen consumption (p = 0.000). The research found that the programme of recreational swimming with sedentary middle-aged women can act effectively to change functional abilities.