Physical Activity and Sexual Health in Men


  • Luka Leško Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb
  • Renata Barić Faculty of Kinesiology, University of Zagreb
  • Anamaria Ivanko Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Ljubljana



The primary aim of the study was to examine the correlation between the physical activity level and three factors of sexual health in men (sexual desire, sexual function and sexual satisfaction). The sample consisted of 509 male students aged 18 to 30 (M=19.70; SD=1.38). The results suggest a significantly better erectile function and sexual satisfaction in sufficiently physically active compared to insufficiently physically active men, while no significance was found in sexual desire and premature ejaculation. The findings indicate that the level of physical activity is positively related to sexual health factors, regardless of whether the dominant aerobic or anaerobic type of physical activity is practiced. Men with higher number of exercise hours on weekly basis have higher sexual desire and better erectile function. Men who are more satisfied with their own body image, have better erectile function. Although previous studies point to positive correlation between physical activity and sexual health in older age groups, this study points to better sexual health of physically active men already in the student age.