The Role of Recess in Students’ Physical Activity Promotion // Улога школског одмора у промоцији физичке активности ученика


  • Silvija Kermeci Elementary school „Braća Stefanović“ Neuzina
  • Višnja Đorđić Faculty of Sport and Physical Education Novi Sad



According to contemporary approaches to health promotion, school can provide a supporting environment which promotes students’ physical activity with recess being an integral part of a school day that deserves a special attention. Although the duration, number and structure of recesses in most countries are not precisely prescribed, current research confirms that there are simple, effective and sustainable intervention to promote recess physical activity. Some of interventions refer to implementation of structured physical activity program implementation, availability of equipment, playground markings and zoning, usage of movable/recycled playground materials, shift to natural playing environment etc. Since physical activity significantly varies depending on students’gender, age and other personal features, as well as on environmental characteristics, this should be considered when planning effective recess physical activity interventions.