Skiing Tourist Activity in Polish Forests


  • Anna K. Mazurek-Kusiak University of Life Sciences in Lublin, Department of Tourism and Recreation



The aim of the research was to determine the frequency, motifs and barriers to practicing the hiking ski tourism in Polish forests. Recreational activity in this respect was analyzed in terms of the occupational status of Poles. The research used an original questionnaire carried out among 900 Poles practicing hiking ski tourism, among which 859 respondents were taken into account in statistical calculations after verification. Physically working Poles and freelancers most often use hiking ski tourism in Polish forests. The most important motives for practicing this activity are: contact with nature, clean air, taking care of physical condition, relaxation and taking care of mental health. The largest barriers are: expensive ski equipment, lack of snow, lack of free time, few ski trails, unfavorable weather conditions, short daylight, large distance to the trail, insufficient infrastructure on the forest ski trails and lack of organized forms of hiking ski tourism.
Tourist routes and trails are an important place for skiing tourism for Poles due to the proper microclimate, clean air and contact with nature.