The Effectiveness of a Suggested Mentoring Program Using Cascading Relaxation and Recreational Sporting Activity to Reduce the Level of Aggressive Behavior Among Secondary School Students Ages 16 to 18 Years An Experimental Study on Male Students of Sidi Saada Secondary School, Relizane, Algeria


  • Gorine Ahmed University Khmis Maliana
  • Djamel Mokrani University Mostaganem
  • Ahmed Benklaouaz Touati University Mostaganem



This study aims to find out the effectiveness of a psychological counseling program using sequential relaxation and recreational sports activity on reducing the level of aggressive behavior as a feature of both physical and verbal types among secondary school students. The study contained two homogeneous and equal groups, one experimental and one controlled, and the researchers applied the proposed program to the experimental sample of (35) students (males) first year secondary level while the control group underwent the regular program, the researchers used the experimental approach because it was appropriate for the nature of the study and its objectives. The duration of the program was limited to (08) weeks and 01 educational units per week, the duration of each unit (75 minutes) and included the units of the proposed program on (cascading relaxation exercises - recreational sports activities). The results of this study showed statistically significant differences in the post measurement between the members of the experimental sample and the control sample in the post measurement, where the level of aggressive behavior decreased in both physical and verbal types for the members of the experimental sample.
Based on the results, it can be concluded that the increase in cholesterol triglycerides and some parameters of body structure affected the level of health status as well as body composition in students.