The Effect of Using Deductive and Inductive Methods on the Verbal Interaction of Physical Education and Sport Professors


  • Mourad Zair Institute of Sports and Physical Education, Tissemsilt University
  • Redhouane Bensassi Laboratory of Multi-research in Sports Science and Human Movement, Tissemsilt University



This study investigates the effect of using the deductive and inductive teaching methods on verbal interaction of physical education and sport professors. The study uses the descriptive approach by tackling two samples of two different professors from the same secondary school (Houari Boumediene, state of El-Bayadh). Then it applies “Hamdan Tool” to observe and analyze the overall verbal interaction over 8 lectures. This research shows that there is less verbal interaction with the professor when he uses the inductive method comparing to the use of the deductive one. To sum up, the study recommends that the use of different methods where the professor’s verbal interaction is less than the student’s one. Moreover, a further research about this study is extremely needed.