Pomological characterisation of pear varieties of “Lubenicarka” group

Nikola Mićić, Gordana Đurić, Besim Salkić


Pomological characterisation of pears of the so-called “Lubenicarka” (watermelon pear) group has been based on three genotypes identified in numerous vegetative progeny as part of the native assortment of Bosnia and Herzegovina. “Krupna Lubenicarka” (common watermelon pear) variety was recommended for the expansion of production at the beginning of the XX century, and there were two more genotypes (“Crna Lubenicarka” (black watermelon pear) and “Bijela Lubenicarka” (white watermelon pear)) that were listed under the common name of “Lubenicarka”. The research results show that “Krupna Lubenicarka” variety has vegetative progeny characterised by stable pomological features which clearly and reliably determine this variety. “Crna” and “Bijela Lubenicarka” genotypes are characterised by certain pomological distinctions that clearly make them different, but also by some similarities, whose variability raises up the question of their reliable pomological and genetic characterisation. Morphometric analyses of the fruit and leaf of “Krupna Lubenicarka” variety and “Crna” and “Bijela Lubenicarka” genotypes represent their first pomological characterisation that can be adopted as a reliable foundation for collecting, further pomological studies and genetic characterisation.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7251/AGREN1201015M


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