Generalized Fuzzy Right h-Ideals of Hemirings Redefined by Fuzzy Sums and Fuzzy Products


  • G. Mohanraj
  • E. Prabu


In this paper, we redene the concepts of (; )-fuzzy right [left]
ideals of hemirings by using the notions of fuzzy sum and fuzzy product. And also the notions of (; )-fuzzy right [left] h-ideals of hemirings are redened by fuzzy sum, fuzzy closure and fuzzy product. Further, using the notions of fuzzy h-sum and fuzzy h-product, we characterize (; )-fuzzy right [left] h-ideals. In particular, we investigate (; )-fuzzy right [left] h-ideals by using
fuzzy h-sum and fuzzy h-intrinsic product.


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