Influence of coffee blends and roasting process on the antioxidant activity of coffee


  • Božana Odžaković
  • Natalija Džinić
  • Zoran Kukrić
  • Slavica Grujić



The aim of this paper is to develop specification for the production of roasted coffee
with improved nutritional quality. In this respect, the influence of different coffee
blends and temperatures of roasting on the antioxidant activity of coffee was examined.
Also, the composition of some bioactive components in the analyzed samples
was determined. Two Arabica coffees of different quality and Robusta coffee were
used for the preparation of coffee blends. Experimentally determined green coffee
blends B1, B2 and B3 were roasted at 167◦C, 171◦C and 175◦C for 25 minutes in
order to establish the effect of roasting temperature on the antioxidant activity and
the content of bioactive components in blends. Based on the results of DPPH and
ABTS test, coffee blends B3 and B2, roasted at 171◦C, had the highest (P<0.05)
antioxidant activity. Those coffee blends had higher content of Robusta coffee than
coffee blend B1. Results of this research can provide opportunities for the development
of roasted ground coffee with improved nutritive quality, which could ensure
competitiveness of producers in the target market.