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AGG + is a categorized scientific journal that deals with topics in the field of architecture, urban planning, construction, geodesy and other related scientific fields with content related to primary areas. Preference is given to scientific articles that are subject to review and categorization (original scientific article, review scientific article, short or previous statement), but professional articles that are also subject to review may also be published. AGG + also publishes thematic issues: special, supplementary and special issues of journals that are not considered an integral part of the volume of a scientific journal. Additional articles can publish scientific critiques and polemics, interviews, bibliographic articles, reviews and reviews (books, instruments, computer programs, cases, scientific events, exhibitions), news and current affairs from the profession, chronicles of the Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy and abstracts defended doctoral dissertations and master's / master's theses.

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No. 8 (2020): АГГ+
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Published: 2020-12-30




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