Estimation position and diameter of rebar by modern non-destructive techniques


  • Dragan Nikolić School of Civil Engineering and Geodecy of Applied Science Belgrade, Serbia,
  • Dragan Bojović Institute IMS Belgrade, Serbia,
  • Lana Antić Aranđelović Institute IMS Belgrade, Serbia,
  • Goran Ćirović Faculty of Technical Sciences Novi Sad, Serbia,



non-destructive methods, ultrasound tomography, electromagnetic pulse induction


Ultrasonic testing of concrete by modern equipment has grown in importance in recent years in non-destructive testing. Measuring concrete cover thickness and estimating steel rebar position and diameter is main focus for assessment of existing reinforcement concrete facilities. Voids, entrained air and potential delamination are important to detect in order to evaluate the quality of the executed concrete members. This paper presents the latest two modern non-destructive techniques – ultrasonic tomography and electromagnetic pulse induction – suitable for testing reinforcement concrete members. The capabilities of these techniques for locating defects, reinforcement bars and determining their size in unilaterally accessible concrete members are described.




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D. Nikolić, D. Bojović, L. Antić Aranđelović, and G. Ćirović, “Estimation position and diameter of rebar by modern non-destructive techniques”, AGG+, vol. 7, no. 1, pp. 074-082, Dec. 2019.