Postharvest Quality of Nectarine cv. ‘Venus’ as Affected by Hot Water Dips and Length of Storage


  • Tomislav Jemrić Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb
  • Goran Fruk Faculty of Agriculture, University of Zagreb



The effect of hot water dip (48° C) duration (6 or 12 minutes) (HWD 48° C 6' and HWD 48° C 12') and length of storage at 0° C in normal atmosphere (two or four weeks) on chemical and sensory quality of nectarine (Prunus persica var. nectarina cv. 'Venus') was studied. After two weeks of storage, HWD-treated fruits had significantly lower weight loss and SSC compared to control. There was no significant difference between HWD 48 °C 6' and HWD 48 °C 12' – treated fruit. HWD 48 °C 12' - treated fruit maintained sensory quality after two weeks of storage. After four weeks of storage, control fruit received higher scores compared to HWD – treated fruit for all traits, except for aroma which was still higher for HWD 48 °C 12' - treated fruit. Duration of hot water dip is significant factor for maintaining postharvest quality of nectarine fruit.