Yield and Quality of Potato Varieties


  • Josip Ćota Federal Institute for Agriculture, Sarajevo
  • Azra Hadžić Faculty of Educational Sciences, Sarajevo




A two-year experiment (2009-2010) included four potato varieties (Desire, Romano, Bistra and Kis Sora). Experiments were conducted in Butmir (about 500 m/ asl) and Glamoč (approximately 900 m/ asl) region. The aim was to select new varieties for our area of cultivation. Productive characteristics of potato varieties (yield, weight and number of tubers per box) were examined. In the frame of qualitative properties, dry matter content and starch were examined. Trials were performed by randomised block design with four replications, and the results were analysed using the analysis of variance. Higher average yield was achieved by Romano cultivar by 8% compared to Desire and Kis Sora. Dry matter content ranged from 21.80% in Romano to 22.20% in Desiree. Examining varieties should be continued in the upcoming period in order to determine the most favourable conditions for cultivation in the area of Bosnia and Herzegovina.