Variability of Seed Components of Selected Populations of English Ryegrass


  • Željko Lakić Agricultural Institute of Republic of Srpska, Banjaluka, Republic of Srpska – BiH



The examination was performed at research field and laboratories of Agricultural Institute of Republic of Srpska-Banjaluka in the period 2006 - 2008. The goal of this paper was to examine the components of seed yield offsprings of autochthonous populations of English ryegrass, and based on these results, to single out the materials that would later be used in a program of creation of domestic varieties. During the examination, the following properties were analyzed: seed yield (kg ha-1), mass of 1000 seeds (g), size of seed (seed/g) and hectoliter mass (kg). During a biennial examination, significant differences were determined between populations of English ryegrass in a seed yield. The examined populations of English ryegrass achieved a high average seed yield (903.9 kg ha-1). The largest biennial average seed yield was achieved with populationSarajevo. The seed quality of the examined populations was good, while the average mass of 1000 seed amounted to 2.1 g. During these examinations, the smallest seed was inSarajevo population, while the largest one was in Banjaluka population. The average hectoliter seed mass of seven examined popu­lations of English ryegrass amounted to 25.8 kg.