Association Convolvulo-Polygonetum aviculare (ass. new) in Weed Vegetation of Vineyard Region in Herzegovina


  • Zlatan Kovačević Faculty of Agriculture, University of Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina



Floristic-phytocenological research of weed vegetation in vineyards of Bosnia and Herzegovina determined a new association Convolvulo-Polygonetumaviculare (ass. new). Regarding floristic character, the asso­ciation was qualified by numerous thermophilic species, and it was ranked in the mediterranean syntaxonomic unit DiplotaxionBr.-Bl. 1931 em 1936 from ordo ChenopodietaliamediterraneaBr.-Bl. 1931 em 1936. Stands association builds 56 plant species. A complete set of association is built by five species: ConvolvulusarvensisL., PolygonumaviculareL., Cynodondactylon (L.) Pers., PortulacaoleraceaL. and ChenopodiumalbumL. Biological spectrum of association shows dominance of hemi­therophytes (62,50%) and hemikryptophytes which together make up 85,71% of the species. Gradient analysis shows very little dependence of floristic composition in relation to soil moisture medium rich in minerals. The value of the coefficient of correlation points a relatively high degree of dependence floristic composition in comparison to the gradient of light and temperature. Areal spectrum of associations suggests the dominance of cosmopolitan and mediterranean group of floral elements. By means of numerical classification and ordination of stands, there may be distin­guished two groups of stands.