Analysis of competency among women in irrigation farming in the North West province, South Africa: A Borich needs model approach

Анализа способности жена у пољопривреди која се наводњава у провинцији Сјеверозапад, Јужна Африка: Borich модел потребе


  • Enioluwa Jonathan Ijatuyi Consortium of Universities, Ethiopia/Nigeria
  • Oladimeji Idowu Oladele Consortium of Universities, Ethiopia/Nigeria
  • Christopher Tshwene Department of Agricultural Extension, North West University, Mafikeng, South Africa



The study determined the competence needs of women farmers in irrigation farming through the application of the Borich needs assessment model. A simple random sampling technique was used to select 83 respondents using a structured face validated questionnaire containing the list of 23 farming activities developed from the operations and activities on the existing field. The farming activities were divided into three categories, namely, Pre- and Post-Planting, Irrigation, and Marketing. Competency needs were analysed and ranked using mean weighed discrepancy score. The results indicated low levels of competence in all 23 tasks which implied that there is a need for prioritized training for women in irrigation farming in the study area. The provincial department of agriculture can use these findings as a basis of training programmes for women involved in irrigation farming.

            Key words: Borich needs model, competence, farming tasks, irrigation farming.