The agricultural value-chain extension model: concepts and applications in Africa

Савјетодавни модел пољопривредног ланца вриједности: концепти и примјена у Африци


  • Idowu Oladimeji Oladele Sasakawa Africa Association Ethiopia/Nigeria



This paper describes the Agricultural Value Chain Extension Model after examining different extension models and differentiated terminologies related to evolution of extension models. Agricultural extension is a common denominator for functional value-chain and food security such that agricultural development outcomes are closely linked to agricultural advice provided by extension services. This model consists of five components of formal training, key clusters, informal training, value chain actors and value chain centre interlinked and connected with forward and backward linkages with overlapping activities among the key clusters. All of these interplay based on the level of funds and resources available for the activities connecting the components and the pervasiveness of the national agricultural policy where it is deployed. The paper concludes with the application of the Value-Chain Extension Model, by an International Non-Governmental Organization providing extension services along the value chain in Africa.

           Key words: value-chain, extension model, system, approaches, Sasakawa Africa                                                 Association.