Determining the criteria for the "mountain product" label in Bosnia and Herzegovina by using an example of the most important indigenous cheeses

Одређивање критеријума за ознаку „Планински производ“, у Босни и Херцеговини, на примјеру најзначајнијих аутохтоних сирева


  • Dragan Brenjo Food Safety Agency Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar, B&H,
  • Novo Pržulj University of Banja Luka, Faculty of Agriculture, Banja Luka, B&H.
  • Zlatan Sarić University of Sarajevo, Faculty of Agriculture and Food Science, B&H
  • Radoslav Grujić School of Applied Medical Sciences Prijedor, B&H
  • Džemil Hajrić Food Safety Agency Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mostar, B&H,



       Labelling products as “mountain products” provides producers in hilly and mountainous areas with effective tools to improve marketing of their products and reduce the risk of confusion among consumers regarding the hilly and mountainous origin of products on the market. The European Union has adopted legal framework regarding optional quality schemes for hilly - mountain products. The definition of a hilly-mountainous area should be based on the general classification criteria used to identify the hilly-mountainous area. For third countries, mountain areas include areas that third countries have officially designated as mountainous or that meet the same criteria as those in the European Union (EU). Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H), as well as some other countries in its vicinity, has not yet normatively prescribed criteria for the possibility of protecting the optional quality label “mountain product”. The main aim of this paper is to analyse and propose criteria for “mountain product” label in B&H and to evaluate potential of this scheme for three traditional cheeses. The authors used the desk research method and secondary data for this research, as well as the results of empirical research and comparison with regional countries. Taking into account the experiences of countries with similar geographical characteristics, but also following the production of the three most widespread indigenous cheeses, Herzegovina cheese in a skin sack, Livno cheese, and Vlašić/ Travnik cheese, an attempt was made to find the best model for Bosnia and Herzegovina where the label “mountain product” can be used for agricultural and/ or food products originating from mountainous areas.

    Key words: mountain product, optional quality schemes, autochthonous cheeses