• Olga Zvereva


Family for a preschool child is the first and main factor of socialization. As experience and research shows, the family is not always a positive factor in the socialization of children. Mistakes of parents contribute to the disruption of the process of socialization and the appearance of self-doubt in the child. In this article, we will talk about an insecure child. Based on the study of the literature, we have compiled a generalized portrait of an insecure child. The author considers the reasons of uncertain behavior of the child. They include lack of love; adults do not provide their child support in unusual circumstances.They name calling, ridicule the child. Parents use such methods of education as warning, cautions, threats, punishment. The uncertainty of the child covers in emotional, behavioral spheres, in consciousness. The inability to understand the child, the motives of his actions, to see the situation through his eyes, to look at himself from the outside – the most typical disadvantage of parents. The child begins to think that he is really bad, weak-willed, that he is a failure. The article presents the types of self-doubt. The author describes the results of a survey of parents about the methods used to raise children in the family. The author considers the way to solve the problem: interaction with parents of children in kindergarten. Recommendations on the topic have been developed for parents: How can we help your ‘’uncertain “child? The main thing is to form the parents positive attitude-the basis of psychological survival of the child. Every parent should know about the psychological development of the Children. Special attention is paid to the issue of the child's adaptation to kindergarten. The forms of providing psychological and pedagogical assistance to parents are described.
Kew words: socialization, insecure child, parents, family.