The research in social sciences is still very much present in the academic world. This paper is another effort that tries to shed light on the methodology of research in social sciences with the detection of obstacles that interfere with its use, especially regarding values. This paper will explain the nature of research practice in social sciences as well as the difficulties regarding the research method, which would define the objective holding that a researcher has to implement. Furthering from the subject of study is, for that matter, needed especially regarding the values, because very little research in this field is of so-called “pure nature”. For that matter, very few people explore the methodology by itself because most of the research is applied research, which is widely used in multiple disciplines. Each science uses different research methods in the areas of its research. They use the methods and procedures that were developed by the research methodologists with the goal of increment of understanding of their own sciences and further development of the base of social knowledge, as well as strengthening and improving their own science. This callback on the methodology of research is focused, primarily on, the aspect of scientific research, and that is the very methodology the scientific research follows with the goal of eliminating mistakes that quite a few researchers make, disregarding the difference between the method and the methodology. A great number of definitions of methodology confirm its complex nature but also state the fact that methodology can be observed with theoretical, technical, and organizational aspects. The theoretical aspect implies the questioning of laid-out hypotheses, theories, comprehensions, styles, terminology, etc. Technical aspects relate to the process of gathering, observing, arranging, and measuring the data, while the organizational aspect relates to securing the rational technology in implementing scientific research.