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The importance study shows is based on the possibility of a company that through proper human resources management strategy achieved an increase in effectiveness and efficiency, and therefore the productivity of business in the conditions of high competition. Strategic management of human resources is an important part of the sphere of management, and is based on a theoretical - practical knowledge in the field of work psychology. Human resource management can significantly influence the behavior of employees, their attitudes and success. People, their skills, knowledge and information are the characteristic of the each organization and can not be copied. It must be borne in mind that human resource management can fail if the pursuit organitzacija hire the wrong people, or if they are not motivated enough to their employed. Human resources management strategy needs to be aligned with the company’s strategy. Basic objectives and methods of human resource management needs to ensure the success of the company. Human resources management strategy has an important operational and managerial function carried out by managers of human reusrse. Management Strategy managers are determined by the quality of employees and their potential. The objectives of human resources management in the organization is directly related to the individual indicators work and results achieved by the employees. From the quality of motivation and stimulation of employees rise to its productivity, loyalty and quality of work. At the organizational level, human resource management strategy should be aimed at increasing the level of average productivity, improving quality, improving working conditions. Planing human resources is achieved competitive strategy of the organization. All of that contribute the most to employees and their productive possibility.