Material Opportunities as a Determinant of Physical Activity of Middle-Aged Persons in Republic of Srpska


  • Ernest Šabić University Educons, Novi Sad
  • Mirko Tufegdžija Pan-European University Apeiron


With the cultural and economic development of the society, new and different needs are emerging as well as the need for sporting goods. Sport is mainly concerned with services, as well as the materialization of sports values ​​created by clubs and participants themselves. Health, vitality and quality of life are the most common desire of most people. With the cultural and economic development of the society, new and different needs are emerging as well as the need for the use of sports products and a very wide economic maneuvering space is created to create profits and accumulation. Sports management is a process of forecasting, planning, organizing, managing, providing personnel and controlling human, material, financial and other organizational resources of a sport organization to achieve the aims set. The aim of the paper is to identify one of the essential segments of quality of life, as a factor of commitment to the exercise of regular physical exercise in middle-aged persons in Republic of Srpska. The research was realized in the form of a non-experimental empirical study. The sample of the entities of the survey consisted of 1628 subjects, subordinated to their gender affiliation (men = 916 / 56.3%, women = 712 / 43.7%). The stratification of the cause was carried out according to age-related criteria (mean age), age range 40-65 years (according to WHO criteria). In order to ensure a satisfactory proportionality Republic of Srpska's territory, four regional units (Banja Luka - 41.6%), Doboj-Bjeljina region (26%), Sarajevo-Zvornik region (19.7%) and Trebinje-Fokanski region -12.7%), which resulted in the creation of references for the survey results for Republic of Srpska. The results showed that the material circumstances of the respondents represent the determinant of the commitment to physical exercise of middle-aged persons in Republic of Srpska.The Republic of Srpska has reason to take care of the sports and recreational activities of citizens, because the economic power of the society is based on the working ability of an active population. State and local authorities are not sufficiently involved in the issue of sport-recreational activities, so they have to be more dedicated to it. From their decisions, laws, regulations, urban solutions, information, depend on the provision of the necessary material resources that enable the particular environment to be closer to the realization and maintenance of social and sports infrastructure that contributes to the opportunities, inclinations and habits characteristic of an active lifestyle.