Social networks offer a number of benefits that contribute to the marketing activities of banks from information, promotion, communication and relationship building, receiving feedback and reactions, fast information sharing, interactivity and a number of other benefits provided by digital communication channels. The purpose of this paper is to investigate how social networks influence communication and promotion with their clients and how they facilitate the marketing activities of banks. After the theoretical part, the paper presents the results of empirical research conducted through a questionnaire aimed at showing and determining how clients view banks’ marketing activities through social networks, how important it is for clients to have their bank on social networks and whether clients participate in surveys or reviews of your bank to help the bank improve its products and services according to their needs and desires. The results of the research indicate that social networks improve communication and promotion among clients, facilitate marketing activities and provide feedback from clients. According to the survey, 47.1% of respondents do not follow their bank on social banks, unlike 52.9% of respondents who follow and have positive experiences with regard to information and notices that banks share on their profile. Although most respondents do not follow their bank on social networks, they are of the opinion that it is important for banks to be present on social networks in order to collect data from different market segments, facilitate communication with clients and information, promotional activities. and through instant messaging which influences the development of customer relationships. Promotional campaigns of products and services through social networks resulted in the selection or more detailed information for 45.3% of respondents for a particular product or service that ultimately ended with the selection of products, of which 15.1% immediately opted for the promoted product or service, and 30 , 2% of respondents asked for additional information about the same. 24.4% of respondents participated in various surveys and reviews of new products and are always happy to leave their opinion on social media or fill out a survey. 36% of respondents sometimes participate in these activities, while 39.6% of respondents are reluctant to participate in surveys and reviews. Banking products and services are specific and regardless of digital communication and promotion channels, there is still some uncertainty among customers about their use and understanding. Ultimately, social networks facilitate communication and promotion with clients, provoke certain reactions, but when it comes to banking as well as products and services, there is still a part of tradition on the part of clients. Conclusions based on the conducted research represent valuable knowledge in this part, and only the research can be the basis for further research on the impact of communication and promotion through social networks on the attitudes and preferences of clients.