• Nagy Attila LLM International Business Law, International Business College Mitrovica, Kosovska Mitrovica




In this work we are dealing with the possible and more likely development ideas and opportunities which could happen in Serbia. These ideas are based on the Governmental policies and even more on the need of the Serbian economy and its citizens. For a long period of time the economy was struggling and every small step towards development is noticeable. Apart from having the same idea of joining the EU different governments in the past and now claim that they will lead Serbia on the shortest and most efficient path to the EU. Their political ideas differ somehow but certainly the decisions they are making are just following one pattern. Everyday citizens and businesses just experience the same as in any other country which has its economy in transition. Much depends on the determination to make a certain step towards economic development. Sometimes it looks like the steps were made with a big delay and that everyone except the government was ready to certain changes. Some big structural changes are not properly done and there is not enough care taken of parallel practices of states in transition. The new procedure of debt collection in Serbia is done with an intention to make debtors pay more easily. Unfortunately on the end we see that the system does not work perfectly since the state itself has some problems of getting its tax money collected. In every aspect of life we see a big influence of politics to the economy, some would say that there is no economy without being involved in politics. This unfortunate situation is following Serbia and many Western Balkan countries for a long period of time. It is hard to expect economic development with such a bad attitude which is somehow always proved in practice. The redistribution of wealth is also problematic, having in mind that the tax policy serves only as a tool to fill the budget which is anyway not just in the sense of just redistribution. The budget of Serbia has many loopholes and certainly the current economic development is not ready to support it. There is a clear need to adjust politics to economy and make the state treat better the hand which is feeding it.