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Author Guidelines

A: General

PHILOLOGIST, founded by the Faculty of Philology, Banja Luka, is an open access, peer-reviewed journal promoting contemporary theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches from the fields of language, literature, and culture, with an international editorial board.

We kindly invite you to make your academic contribution and improve the quality of our journal.

The Philologist journal has been registered in the list of the International Slavic Committee. It has also been indexed in the ERIH PLUS list since March 2016.

The next, fourteenth issue of the journal is scheduled for December 2016, the deadline for submission of manuscripts being October 30th, 2016.

The manuscripts should be sent to the following address:

We also invite you to join us on Facebook page of the Philologist (LINK) and recommend us to your colleagues, who might be interested in sending their contributions and browsing through the journal contents.

B: Statement

Immediately after the paper submission, and prior to the commencement of the reviewing procedure, authors must sign a statement, which will be sent to them either by the Editorial Board Secretary or the Editor-in-chief. Authors will state that they agree with the open access policy which is supported by the Editorial Board and the Publisher of the journal Philologist, i.e. that they agree with the Copyright Notice, which is available on the journal’s website. It means that, by keeping the copyright, they cede the first publication rights to the Journal, and, according to the CC-BY-NC licence, they agree with the open access policy and usage of the contents published on the website providing that the usage of the contents is non-commercial and the author(s) and the origin of the first publication are mandatorily labelled. At the same time, authors should state that they will follow the guidelines listed in the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement available on the Philologist’s website in the section regarding the author. Authors should also point out any potential conflict of interest. Other author responsibilities are listed in the body of the text of the statement form.


1. Philologist allows the author(s) to hold the copyright and to retain their publishing rights without any restrictions.

2. Philologist allows the author(s) to self-archive preprint and/or postprint versions of their papers on a non-profit server or on the author’s personal website with an acknowledgement of the publication source. Using the published version in PDF is permitted.

3. Philologist does not ask for article processing charges (APCs), article submission charges or publication fees.

4. Philologist will provide a free author’s copy of the volume in which their paper was published and delivery to the work, and, in some cases, home address.

C: Guidelines

We kindly ask authors to follow the instructions as stated:

TEXT LENGTH should not exceed 16 pages, the minimum required being 10 pages, in Times New Roman, font size 12, 1.5 line spacing.

To be considered for publishing, PAPERS must contain the following:

- first name and family name of the author, affiliation in the top left corner

- bolded title

- abstract in the language of the paper

- up to ten key words

- the body of the paper

- list of references

- summary (if the paper is not in Serbian, the summary is to be provided in Serbian)

References are cited according to the Harvard Manual (of) Style. This instruction leaflet only states ways to cite the most common reference units, for more information on this, authors are kindly asked to consult online sources.

The information on BOOKS cited must be provided at the end of the citation by stating (in brackets) the last name of the author, year of publishing and pagination separated by a semi colon.


Sam izbor oblika drame vec je po sebi ideja (Trilling 1976:284).

If the author's name is already mentioned in the text, only the year of publishing and pagination should be stated.


Sam izbor oblika drame, kaze Lionel Trilling, vec je po sebi ideja. (1976: 284).

When citing AN ARTICLE FROM A JOURNAL, the author's last name, year of publishing and pagination must be in brackets (Hartman 1980:108).

If an online source is cited, the last name of the author must be in brackets (Petrovic, Internet).

Full information on works cited is to be provided in a LIST OF REFERENCES in the following order:

Last name, first name, year of publishing in brackets, title of the paper in italics, place of publishing, semi colon, publisher.


Kostic, Veselin (1994), Stvaralastvo Vilijama Sekspira I, Beograd; Srpska knjizevna zadruga.

Articles are stated as following: Last name, first name, year of publishing in brackets, the title of the text under quotation marks, the title of the journal in italics, year of journal, number of volume in brackets unless the pagination is unique, semi colon and pagination (if necessary).


Miller, Johns Roger (1926), "The Ideas of Thoughts of God", Classical Philology 21; 317-326.

When stating an online source in the list of references, apart from referring to the author and the title of the text, it is also necessary to refer to the date of access to the web address.


Ross, Kelley R., "Ontological Undecidability", Internet, available at (accessed on April 2nd 2009).