The Realisation of Diminutives in the English Translation of Branko Ćopić’s “Ježeva kućica”


  • Jasna Jurišić Roljić University of Banja Luka, BiH


The form and usage of diminutives has been an interesting topic and a source of controversy among scholars. Bearing in mind structural differences between two languages such as Serbian and English, and regarding an array of meanings diminutives are able to convey, a translator tackles a demanding task when trying to deliver a message from one language into another. The labour becomes even harder if the text to translate is a popular and gentle poem ‘Ježeva kućica’ of a famous hedgehog whose bravery and wisdom reveal the everlasting truth that there is no place like home. This chapter compares Serbian noun diminutives in the poem to their equivalents in the English translation as an attempt to give an insight into translation discrepancies and how much they affect meaning, and the overall atmosphere of the literary work mentioned.





Branko Ćopić